Welcome to our frequently asked questions section to help you with any questions you may have on our new website. If you have a question that hasn't been answered please don't hesitate to contact us via email:

How do saved searches work?
You can easily save an advanced search for use in the future. You can set all of your search criteria, hit save and you will always be able to easily access the results. You can then re-use the search and, if necessary, amend the criteria. Please note that if you further filter the result using the options on the left hand navigation, these will not save in your search.
Can I download search results?
Yes, from the top of the results screen you can now download the first 100 results of your search as an Excel spreadsheet.
What does the green basket with a number above it next to the jacket mean?
This means you have that quantity already in your basket.
Can I see if an item is Firm Sale?
Yes, where applicable this is clearly shown on search results and product screens.
Is it possible to just view titles available in my country or region?
Yes, if you go to the preferences section, accessible via 'my account' there are options there for you to change what items you see when searching. This includes applying rights restrictions, pricing inc or exc vat, DVD & Blu-ray regions, languages, subtitles and more.
Does the price I see already have my discount or any promotional discount applied?
The prices you see when using the site will always be your best cost price after your terms or promotional discount have been applied.
Why do you just display RRP for an SOS item?
SOS lines show RRP where we are unable to determine the final cost of the product. These prices may be subject to surcharges upon receipt from the supplier.
If a title has a red bar behind the discount, what does this mean?
The red discount bar in search results highlights that this is a promotional line - if you click through to the product screen you will be able to see which promotion it is part of and click through to view all titles in that offer.
Can I turn VAT pricing on or off?

Yes, within the 'Preferences' section in 'My Account' you can apply a site wide preference to hide or show VAT - Alternatively you can use the grey box at the far left edge of your screen which says 'VAT'. Click this to toggle VAT on or off.

Does the LVOS (Low Value Order Surcharge) work by product type or mixed basket value on the new website?
It works on the mixed basket value.
Does adding items to my basket reserve stock?
No, adding items to your basket does not reserve stock.
If I choose the quick checkout option, will items be dispatched individually and incur an LVOS (Low Value Order Surcharge)?

By selecting quick checkout, the item will be added to your dues bin. Once in your dues, your orders will be handled according to your usual account settings.

How do I place an order that can be shipped directly to my customer?

If you would like an order to be shipped to a customer directly, you need to add the title(s) to your 'Home Delivery' basket which is accessible via the add to basket options in search results and on product screens. You can also checkout a regular basket as a home delivery basket on the checkout page. When you check this order out you can add the customers address information in.

Do the weights in the basket include packaging?
No, weights in the basket are indicative only and don't include packaging.
What do the red coloured bars mean?

Any items highlighted red in your basket are titles that you cannot purchase...this may be due to a number of reasons e.g: territorial rights or the ISBN is invalid. If you have added items to your basket that flag up as red, you will not be able to checkout until these items are removed from the basket by clicking 'Remove' in the red warning text at the top of the page.

What do the amber coloured bars mean?
If you have items in your basket that are SOS, the line will turn amber to highlight this. Pricing and discount information will show N/K and you will see a separate line in the basket breakdown. You are able to checkout these lines as this is just a reminder.
Can I rename a basket?
Yes, when you click to view your basket you will see the current basket name. Simply click 'Edit Name' next to it, and you can easily change the name.
How do I delete a basket?
Click on the drop down alongside the basket in the top menu bar, you will then see an option to 'Manage Existing Baskets', If you click this, it will take you to a page with an overview of all your accounts current baskets. If you select the baskets you wish to delete, then scroll to the bottom of the page, click the 'selected items' dropdown you can 'delete' the basket.
Can I merge baskets before checking out?

You can merge your baskets really easily. If you click on the dropbox alongside the basket in the top menu bar, you will see an option to 'Manage Existing Baskets'. If you click this, it will take you to a page with an overview of all your accounts current baskets. Select the baskets you wish to merge, by ticking the boxes in the far left column, then scroll to the bottom of the page, click the 'Selected Items' dropdown and choose the 'Merge' option.

Can I move items between baskets?
Yes you can move items between baskets. Simply go to the basket and tick the boxes in the far left column of the items to move, then scroll to the bottom of the page, click the 'Selected Items' dropdown and choose the 'Move Selected Items' option.
How do I place a customer home delivery order?

If you would like to build a customer order, choose the items you would like to order and instead of adding to a normal basket, instead choose 'Add to customer order'. This will then create a new basket. In this new basket you will have the opportunity to add your customer information, and choose whether the order is to be delivered back to store or to the customer directly.

Can I bulk upload ISBNs?

Yes, this is really simple. If you choose the basket you would like to use, you can do this in the top right hand corner on the blue bar. Once in the basket there are a few options for you to choose from, all on the blue header bar, alongside your basket name. Here you can manually enter ISBNs/Barcodes, Upload a list of ISBNs/Barcode, or download your basket.

Can I see all orders I have placed?
You can see all orders placed on the website. However if you have placed orders via another means, i.e. Gardlink or by email these will not show. If you have any queries on these orders, please contact us.
Can I amend or cancel backorders?

Yes, you can cancel book backorders within the 'Backorder' section of 'My Account' on the website, except for lines flagged as Firm Sale or those already allocated in your bin. The ability to cancel backorders for entertainment lines will follow shortly, for now, please request cancellation via the sales support team.

Can I track my deliveries?

Yes you can. Via 'My Account', and the documents option, you can track parcels alongside each invoice. Clicking this link will take you the courier website and will provide with with the current information on your order. If you have any queries regarding a delivery, please contact the sales support team.

How do I return book products?
You can create a returns request for books within the 'Returns' section on this website
How do I know when my returns have been authorised?
Once reviewed, you will see a response to your returns request in the 'Returns' section of 'My Account'.